Shit Happens.


A four letter noun that could mean so much. Everyones experiencing it and many of us have lost it. I don’t care to explore the beauty of it cause honestly somewhere in the middle of it all, it always goes wrong. Jumbled cords of miscommunication tangle themselves with nearly broken wires of trust. Faulty sparks ignite a switch of doubt and fears that emit a flame that not even love can tame. A hazardous lifestyle that many succumb to. When its first found, its like a rare blood diamond that we selfishly try to keep to ourselves and never allow it to see the light. Nurturing it, excited to find its strengths and weaknesses in order to determine its value. Sometimes you lose that diamond. Not for forever but for a moment, and its up to you to change your hiding place or allow the thief to keep the diamond cause you’re too afraid to fight for it back. 

(Source: evetukale)